Tips for a Law Firm Internet Marketing Campaign

There is no substitute for firm Internet marketing. If you’re not using a firm Internet marketing plan to grow your business, then you’re losing money day in and day out. No one can predict the future, but if you don’t have a plan, you’re headed for trouble. Below are five ways that firms can improve their firm Internet marketing plan.

Webociti - Law Firm Internet Marketing

All marketing engagements start with an in depth audit of your company’s online presence. WEBSITES begin to evolve your firm internet marketing strategy with a comprehensive audit, including an exhaustive search of the internet, search engine, social media, and other online directories. This comprehensive search results in dozens of unique website addresses that are not visible to anyone except your internal team. Your firm needs to have a “road map” of sorts to ensure that each of these potential new customers becomes profitable prospects. This also includes an effort to ensure that all of the website addresses that are visible to others also become viable marketing assets that benefit the firm.

The first page of Google is where most searchers first see a firm’s website. Most law firm internet marketing companies know this, but it’s still important to make sure that a website gets to the top of the first page. This means investing in an aggressive SEO strategy that incorporates link building strategies. However, many firms make a mistake by relying on too many inbound links when their SEO strategy is geared towards increasing inbound links from solid, third-party websites with solid content. Investing only in the first page results in little or no noticeable increase in law firm traffic.

Another important factor for a law firm’s legal marketing efforts is the cost per click, or CPM, of each campaign element. These are often referred to as pay-per-click campaigns. When a firm advertises and markets itself over the internet using these CPM campaign elements, it is important for the firm to calculate the cost per click, or CPC, of each element on the website. Knowing how much each of the campaign elements will cost the firm can help the company determine which elements are more critical to the firm’s bottom line and can help the firm make strategic decisions about which elements should remain and which elements should be removed from its overall campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are where the firm’s advertisements are placed within search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Each time a person conducts a search within these engines and clicks on one of the results that appear, the firm will have to pay the search engine marketing firm that placed its ad on the top of the list. To place its advertisement in a search engine marketing (SEM) account, a law firm may need to hire additional staff members. These additional staff members include: copywriters, who write articles that draw in potential clients; web designers, who create the firm’s website; and marketing executives, who oversee all aspects of the firm’s search engine marketing channels.

One great way that a law firm can use the power of social media to market itself is through Facebook. This social media platform allows the firm to connect directly with prospective clients. In addition to having the opportunity to connect directly with a potential client, Facebook allows the firm to also connect with its niche audience. Facebook also allows the firm to create pages within the site that feature photos and videos that can give clients an idea of the office and its dynamic nature.

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