A Comparison of the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is a part of electronic marketing which uses electronic and online based digital technology including mobile phones, desktop computers and other electronic media and platforms to advertise products and services. The marketing process incorporates both the design and development process for a website, product or service, brand promotion and sales support. This method is very cost effective compared to print, television and radio advertisements. Digital marketing can be done through email campaigns, SMS mobile marketing and search engine marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Fourth Source

A digital marketing campaign is an integrated promotion approach that involves elements such as content, brand promotion, inbound and outbound marketing. Content is information that the buyer chooses to learn about a product, service or a company. Content is sent over the Internet, where the buyer has the choice to purchase the content, and display it on their web browser. Outbound marketing is the process of sending mass messages to prospects via email, bulk mail or other types of communications. Inbound marketing is all the communications that a brand creates to help buyers make a decision whether they want to buy your products or services.

Content is what buyers read, listen to, see and use on a regular basis. In digital marketing, you will need to continuously create new content in order to keep your visitors interested and satisfied. For this reason, it is important that you choose the keywords carefully monitor them in order to determine the effectiveness of the ads. The process of digital marketing will include the creation of ads, the creation of web pages and websites to manage the ad campaigns and the integration of digital and traditional offline marketing strategies. These different strategies will work together to increase your website’s exposure and to generate sales.

An effective digital marketing strategy consists of five basic platforms: creative creatives, video creatives, social media creatives, mobile creatives and web content creatives. Creatives are any innovative idea or concept that can be used to promote a product or service. Video creatives create short video clips and display them on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. Videos are the most popular platform for internet advertising. Social media sites like Facebook allow the audience to interact with the advertiser through tagging and discussion.

Digital advertising platforms that fall under the category of digital marketing strategies are usually not targeted at specific demographics. Brands that rely solely on traditional marketing strategies may not reach their desired audience. Since people today tend to shop online, brands must also adapt to the online buying habits of the target market. This is why online search engine optimization plays an important role in generating high quality leads.

There are many digital marketers available to offer consultation services, such as SEO, pay per click management and social media management. In addition, traditional marketing strategies, such as direct mail and magazine advertisements, are being replaced by online advertising because of the increase in online advertising costs. It is important to compare digital marketers who provide services in different cities. The fees charged by these digital marketing experts may not be the same because some charge a flat fee and some charge based on the lead cost.

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